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VTU´s Pichia pastoris protein expression platform

Proven and globally recognized - unmatched in terms of yield, development timelines, quality & safety

World´s leading Pichia pastoris protein expression system

Features Pichia pastoris protein expression platform

  • VTU´s exclusive AOX1 promoter library for tunable, optimum protein expression

1st generation promoter library – MeOH induced processes

-    Product yields of up to 25 g/L secreted protein (peak productivity of 35 g/L)

2nd generation promoter library – MeOH free processes

-    Product yields of up to 20 g/L secreted protein
-    Glycerol or glucose as the sole carbon source
-    Significantly less heat formation and cooling demand
-    Safe and economically viable production processes

  • Several platform strains with different genetic backgrounds

  • Set of proprietary expression enhancing helper factors

  • Elaborated and time-saving gene design and cloning/transformation protocols

VTU Technology’s Pichia pastoris production system provides one of the most powerful and versatile recombinant protein expression and production technology platforms holding productivity records for Pichia-derived recombinant proteins.

Since its foundation 2008, VTU has been continuously optimizing and expanding its Pichia technology platform to generate an unparalleled spectrum of expression tools and ingenious expression strategies leading to more flexibility in protein production and to meet highly specific expression needs